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Scott Logan - President Night Owl Marketing



Just Think

Today your website's conversion rate is hovering around a dismal 1% conversion rate, right?

You're losing prospects, losing sales, and you're pulling your hair out trying to find out why, right?

You'd love to increase the value of each visitor so you can approach the big wigs in your industry and put together a JV deal, right?

Heck, maybe you don't care a bit about the big wigs. Maybe you just want to make more money from your Online Efforts. That shouldn't be asking too much, right?

If you're sitting there nodding your head in agreement, then take just 3 minutes to read a letter that's going to change you life.

You've got 3 minutes to invest in your future, don't you?

Good. Because this short letter may be the most important thing you'll ever read.

And THAT'S a fact.

Scott Logan - President
Night Owl Marketing

Dear Fellow Online Business Owner,

It doesn't matter what kind of site you run. It all comes down to one factor: Traffic Conversion 

You can drive a million people to your website but...

if at the end of the day you don’t make the sales, you don’t survive.

Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone that came to your website bought your product right then and there?

Isn't that what you really want? Of course it is. That's what we all want.

What if all you had to do was...

simply drive traffic to your site and watch the sales counter rack up hits like an old pinball machine at your local watering hole? 

The fact of the matter is that it's just not reality for most website owners. Most people are getting conversion rates of 1-3%, if they are lucky, and everyone seems satisfied accepting that as business as usual.

Just think about that for a moment...for every 100 people that show up at your website only one, two or three people take the action you wish; and everyone is OK with that?

Isn't that disgusting?

Do you think it's perfectly acceptable to let as many as 99 people leave your site never to be heard from again? No way!

Now, let me ask you this...Could you use a Boost in your Website's Conversion Rate?

Imagine what it would be like if you could convince The Worlds #1 Traffic Conversion Strategist to sit down with you and share all of his Traffic Conversion Secrets.

Now...let's take that one step further. Not only will he cough up all of his secrets for you, but he'll take as much time as you need to understand them.

That means if he mentions something you didn’t catch, you simply stop him in his tracks and make him repeat it until you completely understand the point he is trying to make. 

You can have a one-on-one with the Worlds #1 Traffic Conversion Strategist Alex Mandossian, And You Can Do It Right Now!

So, who is this guy Alex Mandossian and why is he considered by many marketing experts to be the The Worlds #1 Traffic Conversion Strategist? 

Alex’s consulting clients read like a who's who's list from the Elite of the Internet World.

Alex has worked with companies such as Dale Carnegie Training, NYU, Anthony Robbins & Associates,, and public speakers such as Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker, Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Harvey Mackay and many others.

All of these industry leaders have every resource in the world available to them, yet they hands-down all choose Alex Mandossian as their go-to guy for traffic conversion. 

Just a few seconds ago I asked you to imagine what it would be like if you could take The Worlds #1 Traffic Conversion Strategist home and make him share of all his Traffic Conversion Secrets with you.

Well, you can’t really make Alex come over to your house and force him to do a brain dump for you. That would be kidnapping!

But here at we've put together the next best thing (maybe the BEST thing considering the penalties for kidnapping!)

And the only law that's going to get broken is the law that says it's OK to get a lousy 1% conversion rate on your website. We're going to smash that law to bits!

Don't miss this chance to be a fly on the wall as you listen and learn from your very own 90 Minute Presentation by Alex Mandossian -- The World’s Best Traffic Conversion Strategist.  

You'll have complete control over the entire presentation because you'll download it and play it on your own computer on your own schedule. No inconvenient teleconferences to attend. And you can play it over and over and over again whenever you want to.

Here's a Sneak Peek At Just A FEW Of The Traffic-Converting Secrets You'll Learn From The Internet's #1 Traffic Conversion Master...

checkmarkThe #1 Element of Traffic Conversion That You Can NEVER Ignore (unless you want your site to be dead in the water)

checkmarkHow To Reduce The Complexities Of Traffic Conversion To 3 Simple Steps (Simple, yes. But get them wrong and you're sunk. Get them right and the sales start rolling in!)

checkmarkHow To Tell The Difference Between The Tactics You Should Keep And The Ones You Should Toss Away (So you can keep the money rolling in while plugging the holes that your prospects are escaping through.)

checkmarkHow To Apply The Secrets Of The "Shy Yes" To Kick Your Conversion Process Into High Gear (And why going straight for the sale is the kiss of death!)

checkmarkPlus many more of the insider-only traffic conversion secrets that have made Alex Mandossian the most sought-after traffic conversion strategist in the world!

Don't Miss This Opportunity!

Download your copy of the audio presentation right now and I'll include a COMPLETE transcription of the FULL 90 minute presentation so you can read it in your spare time or whenever listening to the audio version is not convenient.

Look. This is a real opportunity to learn from a real master. This isn't one of those e-books or "special reports" written by some guy you've never heard of.

Alex Mandossian's Partial Client List:

  • Dale Carnegie Training
  • NYU
  • Anthony Robbins & Associates
  • Mark Victor Hansen
  • Jack Canfield
  • T. Harv Eker
  • Jay Abraham
  • Brian Tracy
  • Les Brown
  • Harvey Mackay and many others.

It's Time To Make A Choice...

You can go on doing the same things you have always done and hope for different results...

Or you can decide to invest in your future and your online business.

It really is that simple.

Here's my offer: 

I've already shown you Alex’s client list. You have to believe these companies can engage any consultant they want, regardless of his or her fees, yet they chose Alex Mandossian to help them with their traffic conversion.  

They probably paid tens of thousands of dollars for his services. But you won't have to.

Anyone would agree that 90 minutes of consulting time with Alex is worth much more than the $97 I could ask for this report.

But since you've made it this far down the page, I'll assume you are a Serious Business Owner. Or at the very least, you are willing to do what it takes to become one.

So, to make it easier for you to begin converting your traffic in your Online Business, I'll make you this special offer.

If you order within the next 24 hours, you can discover exactly how to kick start your traffic conversion using the same techniques that Alex has taught to some of the most powerful names in Internet Marketing, for only $19.95

That's right. You can be listening to the Presentation within minutes of your purchase for only $19.95 

Before you start thinking that there's a catch for this extremely low price, keep this in mind...this entire presentation is in digital format. This means that all you have to do is click a few buttons and in less than five minutes you can have downloaded Alex's presentation and start discovering his Traffic Conversion secrets for yourself...

By now you must be agreeing that $19.95 is certainly not a lot of money to invest to Increase The Conversion Rate of Your Online Business from A Master in Traffic Conversion.

  • Stop pulling your hair out because your conversions are so low 

  • Stop being satisfied with only 1 out of 100 visitors buying anything from you

  • Bring in the World's #1 Expert for just $19.95

If you have any idea at all what will happen to your sales when you double, triple, or even quadruple your sales conversions, then you can't afford NOT to grab this information right now.

You can begin making profitable changes to your Online Business using the information in your copy of Alex Mandossian's Traffic Conversion Secrets Presentation almost immediately. 

You will gain instant access to the Traffic Conversion Presentation via download link within minutes of your successful investment. 
In less than one week from now, you could have your first Online Business Breakthrough all due to the knowledge you'll gain from listening to this audio file or reading the transcript. You only need a handful of tactics to easily recoup your initial investment  What are you waiting for?   Invest now!

Scott Logan - President
Night Owl Marketing

P.S. Just one more thing... it's important.  Remember you can take advantage of my offer to help you invest in the Traffic Conversion Secrets Presentation. This offer may be removed at any time. 

Everyone that has come in contact with or has met Alex Mandossian also knows he always over-delivers. So I can't imagine the price staying at this introductory level for too long. If you delay, you'll have to pay the entire $97 price. 

Even at that price, it's a steal because of One Simple Fact: There is a tremendous amount of education and proven tactics within this presentation. That's a killer deal for you!  So, the only way you can guarantee to get started with your Traffic Conversion Secrets Presentation for only $19.95 is to order today. 

Plus, as the final reason for you to invest today, I back everything up with my…

Money-Back Guarantee

Iron-Clad, No Hassle 100% Money-Back DOUBLE GUARANTEE!

Try It for 60 Days  

Simply download the audio file and PDF transcript.

Listen to what Alex has to say. Read the transcript. Then, when you're through, if you don't think that Alex's information was everything I said it would be; if it wasn't everything you HOPED it would be, just let me know, any time within 60 FULL days, and I'll give you your money back.

That's how convinced I am that this is the best way to learn how to increase your traffic conversion hands-down!

But I'll even go one better for you!

Your SECOND Guarantee: If you keep the presentation after the 60 days, I'll ride along with you for another TEN months!

If, after a full year from your purchase date, you show me proof that you used at least one strategy, system, or tactic from Alex's presentation, and didn't put at least $5,000 MORE in to your bank account than you would have otherwise, I will STILL refund every penny you've paid.

I want you to put thousands of dollars of extra income in your bank account that you would not have earned if it weren't for the information you learned from Alex's presentation.

That's how confident I am.

To your success,

Scott Logan
Night Owl Marketing

Don't take the chance. If there's ever been a time in your life when you felt compelled to order something based on a no-risk, 60 day guarantee, NOW is that time!

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